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Preparing For Your Session | Sacramento Newborn Photographer

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing CF Photography as your newborn photographer! Nothing brings me more joy than being welcomed in to such a special moment in your family’s life and to be able to capture such a unique and special moment in your baby’s life is truly humbling.

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As a mom of 3 myself, I can remember and relate to how crazy and overwhelming those first few days after baby arrives can be, so I have put together this newborn session preparation guide to assist in making your newborn’s session as stress free as possible. Please remember that everything here is just a guide and by no means me attempting to tell you what to do with your baby.

Before your session…

Try and keep baby awake for 1 to 2 hours before their session so they are ready to crash out into a sleepy milky coma as soon as possible. If you’re breastfeeding please check out my blog post on food that are recommended to be avoided here.

Give baby a sponge bath before their session, this can also help keep them awake, and don’t forget the lotion, many times baby is very peely after birth.

Bring a pacifier or have one ready, I do try and remember to keep new ones available but it’s always good to bring extras for soothing baby who may need to suckle to fall asleep but isn’t necessarily hungry.

Please let me know a day or more before your session if you would like to include siblings or have special requests, this allows me to better plan your baby’s session.

If I am coming to you, plan to nurse or give your little one a bottle when I arrive so they can get nice and full as I am setting up. If you are coming to me, plan to feed before you leave or as soon as you arrive.

Dress baby in a loose diaper only or with loose and easily removed clothing so if he or she is already asleep we don’t have to jostle them too much and wake them up. While I can do some set ups with your little one awake, many of my set ups require baby to be asleep for safety reasons. Your little one’s health and safety are my number one priority. I will never attempt any pose or set up that I do not feel can be done safely based on your baby’s comfort and temperament. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY, it is a mantra that you will likely hear me bring up throughout your session.

Once we have your little one asleep I will ask that you let me take over charge of baby. Baby can often smell mom and that can make it more challenging for them to settle. You will be welcome to sit near by and can often assist me during the session as I mold your baby into beautiful poses and capture those special images you will cherish forever.

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What to expect during your session…

Your session will last anywhere from 2-4 hours, this allows for plenty of time for baby to eat, me to clean up any messes, and settle baby as needed, we work on baby’s schedule so you don’t have to stress if baby is needing extra cuddles in order to be ready for his or her photo session. This time also allows for outfit changes and set ups.

Whether the session is in your home or in studio, it will likely be toasty. I generally prefer to keep the room temperature between 78 and 85 and have a space heater in my work area running at all times, so please dress appropriately and know it’s completely okay for you to step outside and cool down. I keep the room so warm to keep your baby nice and comfortable during their session. After 9 months of being toasty in the womb, which is roughly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the outside world can be a little chilly.

For much of your little one’s session they will be photographed in the buff, another reason why we keep the room so warm, in order to capture that sweet newness and innocence of being a newborn, so outfits are unnecessary and often times swallow a baby and distract from capturing that unique fresh newness of  of mu art of newborn photography.

Please refrain from using your camera during the session. Take this time to relax and just enjoy watching your little one’s session.

If your baby should become unsettled, please don’t feel the need to rush to their aide, I am experienced at working with babies and have many settling techniques to help soothe them back to sleep. But don’t worry, I will give your baby back, and allow for you to settle them if I think that maybe they just need some extra cuddles from mom or dad.

Last but not least, please take some time to consider what collection or products you may want to purchase. You are by no means under any obligation to purchase anything from your session but it is my goal to provide you with heirloom artwork you can have in your home and pass down to your children. Images from your session and your baby’s life that you can look at and cherish for a lifetime.


Christina Forehand

CF Photography

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